Upcoming projects

Kiitolaukkaa Kipitikolkkaa

- kantrihenkinen tanssiesitys lapsille


Current projects

ISIS theatre

produces performances and quality artistic experiences which combine elements of different arts.

researches the stage possibilities of different art fields and ways of combining them, and the use of improvisation techniques in performances.
breaks down the barriers between different art fields.

looks for new cooperation possibilities with different theatres, artists and researchers in the field. It seeks original opportunities to produce experiences in different kinds of venues. Legend of Birth is a cooperative project with artists from Auroville in India. It began in December 2006 and will continue at least until 2012.

ISIS Theatre’s works examine contemporary people’s problems.
finds inspiration from e.g. indigenous people’s treasure chests of stories, and uses their ritual traditions in its works.
Multilingual and non-verbal communication enables experiences, regardless of one’s cultural background.

an average of one multi-artistic performance per year. ISIS theatre is artistically unique. Theatre director Liisa Isotalo is the artistic director of the theatre.


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